Selecting the Perfect Baby Shoes

Selecting shoes for your little one can be a daunting task. Below mentioned tips will help you in picking the perfect footwear for your baby.

(1) Shop effectively: You can avoid buying shoes until your child begins to walk. For the first few pairs of shoes, it is advisable to visit a shoe-store for kids where you can meet trained staff members. These people are well aware of measuring the breadth and length of your child’s foot.

(2) Search for the best fit: Go for brands that are crafted exclusively for toddlers. Shoes for toddlers are generally made of light weight materials such as high quality mesh or leather. The shoe for your baby should contain a spacious toe box, yet fit snuggly when the child makes movements. You can even look out for shoes that have detachable inserts.

(3) Omit extra effort: The two features that parents do not have to worry about are ankle and arch support. Flat feet are good for toddlers who have arches in the developing stage. Also, the ankles of your kid are required to be free so that muscles get built and injuries are prevented. It is advisable to avoid buying high top shoes as they impose risk of injuries to ankle when toddlers fall.

(4) Try them out: Once you get a shoe that fits well, let your child walk around in the shoe store. Look out for a slipping or loose heel when the child walks and also for red marks on his/her feet after you take off the shoes.

(5) Examine the foot: The feet of the toddlers grow in a rapid manner, usually sizing up after every 2 to 3 months. If your child is gladly wearing the footwear for months and all of a sudden starts to take them off, rubbing his/her feet, hopping around, these are signs that your child is all prepared for a brand new pair.

(6) Refrain from used footwear: Buying foot wear for your babies can be a costly business, especially because you are required to replace them after every few months. But do not go for hand me down footwear for your baby while he/she is still mastering the motor skills like jumping, running and walking. Only a new shoe can perfectly adapt to your baby’s growing foot. As the two feet are not same, so buying new footwear guarantees that the inside of the shoe is not molded to somebody else’s foot.

Post time: Mar-02-2017
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