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  • A video tour of my pickup truck camping setup. I’ve been living in the back for the past few months during my dirtbag climbing road trip. Thoughts on balancing gear storage and livability. Check out the full write up for more photos and details: http://www.desktodirtbag.com/pickup-truck-camping/

    I’ve spent at least 120+ days back here at the time of filming this. This is a great compromise between the elevated coffin style sleeping platform and the backshelf style setup. I’m very happy with this setup!

    Check out my site: http://www.desktodirtbag.com
    BG Music: Blear Moon – Cold Summer Landscape

    Video Transcript:

    Alright, so I just wanted to give a little video tour of the sleeping arrangement
    here in my truck
    this is uh…
    kind of the mode I have it set up in
    when I am
    on the go, on the move, just need a quick
    place to uh…
    pull over and sleep for the night
    and that’s why I have the uhh…
    bed up here in the elevated platform
    um… I debated a long time about how to
    best block the windows for privacy
    especially when you’re in
    public areas like Wal-Mart parking lots
    and what have you
    I just ended up using a couple of those
    sunscreens for your front window to
    block the sun they work really well for
    the big windows here in the back
    and then a couple priority mail
    boxes disassembled to block the
    longer side windows
    I’ve got
    the uh…
    cigarette lighter adapters that hook up to my
    main battery
    got an inverter so I can charge and run my electronics
    got a little temperature gauge which gives me the time and temperature, ninety two degrees
    in here right now, which is terrible
    yeah, right here you can see are my locks so
    if I’m parking at a trailhead or
    somewhere where I’m concerned about someone
    potentially breaking in, I can actually
    uh… relatively secure the contents
    my platform here
    protect things like my expensive
    climbing and backpacking gear
    I’ll put my
    uh… electronics uh… under there
    when i’m out about as well
    So I just wanted to talk a little bit about these
    locks, I ended up
    putting hinges
    onto my tailgate that connect to this upper
    platform here with these little
    twist, err, twisting key lock things
    um, that provides me some relative
    if anyone were to try to break in um…
    you probably can’t see it but there’s little
    metal L-brackets
    down here that actually
    Keep this uh… entire upper platform
    from sliding out because if
    if someone were to try and
    open the tailgate it’ll catch on that
    and prevent it from
    from sliding out
    you can see
    i can’t actually
    open my tailgate, if I were to
    break in
    it’s relatively secure. I’ve got the
    same thing
    over here on this side
    another L-bracket and a lock to keep it in
    in the back
    this long
    wooden platform actually sits underneath the lip of my canopy
    so it can’t lift up on
    either the
    the cab side
    or the ah…
    or the back side here
    and to get in here
    You’ve gotta have the key obviously, it’s just a
    nice little
    twist lock, pops off
    it has a different key for each side which is kinda annoying
    but it is what it is
    so those fold down
    you can open the tailgate
    and then you’ve got
    whatever you choose to store underneath
    this is where I keep my
    my gear, typically i have my food
    boxes under here
    as well, not for security’s sake but just ’cause it’s a little
    nicer to have the boxes underneath
    but I’m in the Sierra’s right now so
    I’ve got them in a more accessible location. As i mentioned this is
    relatively secure storage over here
    this is all just
    free access. I keep my
    headlamps and other things that i wanna
    keep accessible in this little metal
    basket. I’ve got a
    brush down there to
    sweep out the back of my truck, a lot of sand and dirt that infiltrates
    which is very annoying
    I need to
    to clean out my truck now
    You’ll also notice these large boxes i have
    in here
    are only about half an inch underneath
    my platform so
    there is some sagging
    when I lay on here but it’s relatively
    supported and not enough sagging that i am
    super concerned about it
    and here’s a look at my
    truck when I’ve got it in
    kinda basecamp mode
    where I’m settled for a while and i can
    dump stuff off at my camp site
    you may be wondering about that hole there,
    that was something I
    decided to
    cut in for access underneath the table
    just so i can
    so i can sometimes access things that
    might be otherwise a little more
    inaccessible because of the long
    uh… shelf or table that we got up there
    on the back that shelf there is just loose
    it can move around or lift up or
    go wherever I want it to go but I’m able to
    stack stuff on the back there and just put my
    underneath the shelf
    um… when i’m sleeping back here so it
    makes for a nice
    uh… storage area get things out of
    the way
    and uh…
    up above
    so yeah that was a quick look at the truck camping
    set up that i’ve been using for the past
    few months on the road
    hope you enjoyed it and if you
    have any questions don’t hesitate to ask

    Here is how I build this science-fiction or steampunk vambrace. It is lower arm armour.
    Some people might call it a bracer or a gauntlet.

    Second Vambrace Video Here – https://youtu.be/KjN_fu3RBAM

    Andrew Cooks Video
    How To Make : ODST Costume – Gauntlet Armor 8#

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